About the Yeah Write Posts


I wanted to throw in a quick little post to explain my first 3 posts and what those little Yeah Write badges at the bottom of each one means.

Yeah Write is a weekly writing challenge run completely by volunteers. On Mondays you can begin submitting nonfiction essays/personal stories. Tuesday is the start date for submitting fiction or poetry, and Wednesday the microstories are submitted.  There are submission guidelines for each category, and while the first 2 are fairly straightforward, you might be wondering what a microstory is.

A microstory is an exactly 42 word story that answers the ultimate question (which is posted on Sunday). You cannot use the question in the title or the answer.

I discovered Yeah Write last year, and immediately signed up for their Sunday emails outlining the ultimate question and the basic rules. And then didn’t read them. Until this summer when I happened to open one and read the ultimate question: “how hot is it?” And I knew what I would write.

Summer is a great time to jump into the challenges because the editors do not moderate the entries, making everyone’s entries eligible for voting.

So I entered a 42 word answer to “how hot is it?”. With a stroke of beginner’s luck, out of the 21 entries, I placed 2nd. I was hooked. I’ve entered almost every week since then, and I have placed in the top 3 two other times (both in the same week for a nonfiction entry and a microstory entry). I’ve gotten really positive comments, too, which is always encouraging, even when I don’t get any votes (happens).

Who votes? Anyone. Thursday is voting day, and you can see it here, but please don’t vote unless you have time to read all the entries, and only vote for mine if you really do think it is one of the top 3. Seriously.

Oh, one other little thing. Starting on September 20, moderation returned. That means that not everyone’s entries make it to the voting “grid”. I entered all 3, but if you’ve followed me since the beginning (haha, since Monday) you may notice that my nonfiction entry didn’t make the cut. Rowan sends you a “love letter” explaining why very gently. My reason fell under the submission guidelines, so I will definitely review the next time I enter in the nonfiction category.

Yeah Write is making me a better, more thoughtful writer, and I am grateful that it is such a welcoming writing community. Most weeks I don’t see myself entering every category; this week it just happened to work out with my schedule.

Thank you for reading,


P.S. The picture at the top is a typewriter writing ball. I don’t know anymore other than it is the first typewriter manufactured commercially, the picture is in the public domain, and I found it on wikipedia.org.

4 thoughts on “About the Yeah Write Posts

  1. Thank you so much for this write up of yeah write! We are so thankful for those who really take the time to learn how yeah write works and we’re very happy to have you in our community. Our hope is to give back as much as you put in. We hope we succeed. See you on the grids!


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