Painting the Pets

Earlier this year I took an online painting course called “Pet Portraits”. Having discovered I have a modicum of talent, I have taken several of these courses with pretty good results, plus they are fun and, having only taken 1 art class (not counting elementary school) I always learn quite a bit.

When I started this pet series, it soon dawned on me that the step is to draw the animal. I have never considered drawing to be my strong suit, but in for a penny, in for a pound. I’ve tried different techniques or combinations of techniques to get the likeness on the canvas. None are a favorite yet, but I have managed to get past the drawing and onto the painting.

I am blessed with plenty of models, though I’m using photos instead of trying to get cooperation from the pets. I started with Laura and Thomas’ dogs, Sam and Ella, aka the “Poison Twins”. Ella was the first attempt, then Sam, and then I got fancy and did them in pink and blue (this was before I knew Laura was pregnant).

From time to time, I’ll show off the paintings here. This is one of those times.


Critique: Her ears are way too big and her mouth looks a little off. Not bad for a first try.


Critique: Overall, I’m really happy with this one. Thomas thinks he looks like a communist here.


Critique: Ella looks like a pig. I was going for a loose warm-up kind of painting with less detail.


Critique: This one is a success. I love the way the blue turned out.

Thanks for looking!

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