The Final Mission Should We Choose to Accept It


On our final day of mission here in New Orleans, we had an assignment that involved Christmas trees in City Park. Keeping our eyes on the sky, we did choose to accept our assignment.

When the project is finished, there will be 85 Christmas trees in the Carousel Gardens Amusement Park in the park. Each school gets a tree to decorate, and there are prizes. Before they can decorate, the trees must be set up and that’s what we did. Not all 85 trees, we stood up about 20 6 ft tall trees and wound 3 strand of lights around them. They are good to go.

The park staff had not brought enough multi-colored lights from the warehouse, so our assignment changed to winding solid color lights around the trunks of crepe myrtles.

Our mission leader, Caroline, told me that some of the groups she leads balk at doing something like this because it doesn’t appear to have a direct impact on people. I have to disagree. These beautiful decorations bring joy to thousands of the park visitors during the festive holiday season.

IMG_20151107_113810040When we finished our shift, we went over to see the historic carousel. Built in 1906, it is one of only 100 carousels of this type left in the country. The flying horses and other animals are original with some of them dating back to 1885. As we admired the carousel, snapping photos, oohing and aahing, the ride attendants told us they would give us a ride.

What a magical ending to our last day in New Orleans. I believe that in that instant, all 13 of us IMG_20151107_114042573_HDRwere transported back to when we were 8 or 9 to relive a moment of our past.


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