Meet My Dogs

I’m not really feeling the writing today, so I thought I’d share paintings that I did of my dogs.



We rescued Danny on January 4, 2011 in Jefferson, Georgia. He is laid back, but in charge; thinks he wants to be part of the pack, but prefers watching the pack chase squirrels while he lounges on the patio. Loves to lick the carpet. Demands attention, fears only thunder, and loves all people. Makes a terrible watch dog.



Also rescued on January 4, 2011 in Jefferson, Teddy is the neurotic one of the pack. He fears everything but thunder, and barks to let us know when danger (i.e., the garbage man, other visitors) are near. Will not go outside in the morning without an extensive petting session. Likes to eat out of any dog bowl, but his own. Makes an ok watch dog from a barking standpoint, though post-barking he prefers to run and hide. (His portrait is unfinished.)


Originally from Louisiana, Barrett was a victim of Hurricane Isaac (August 2012) and was taken to Georgia where my son, Kyle, rescued him the last weekend of October, 2013 from the Atlanta Humane Society. Barrett is a party boy, up for anything that may include leaping, jumping, bounding, barking and hunting. This may come from time spent with Kyle and his fraternity brothers in Macon, Georgia before coming to live with us in Atlanta last year. Loves Danny and Teddy, and also loves to lick their heads (weird). Teddy and Barrett have a nightly wrestling match, where, if you didn’t know them, you might think they were trying to kill each other.

Barrett also makes an ok watch dog, with a deep, menacing sounding bark. In reality, he just wants to get your attention so you will play with him.

All in all, we hit the rescue dog trifecta with great dogs. Barrett needed a bit of leash training. All anti-barking training has been unsuccessful.

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