The Turkey Post

I really wanted to give today a pass, but when it comes to some challenges I can become obsessed. At least posting a picture and a caption counts. Today life stuff took more time than I expected, and I wanted to post a fictional story based on the prompt “I never looked back” but it’s not finished. It might be ready tomorrow, but I may just try to count to 42 and do the microstory. I can’t remember the question, so don’t have 42 brilliant words lined up ready to go. But still… 42 words. That seems doable.

Of course, the above paragraph is not that entertaining, so it’s show and tell time. Last year, I dabbled in papier mache. The family had all been summoned to my mother-in-law’s because this year she turned 80 and she was never going to host Thanksgiving again after last year. This year she told there will only be 4 eating at her house and she ordered the whole meal at the grocery store.

As a guest, I decided to make a papier mache turkey as the table decoration because, why not. On the drive from Atlanta to Kansas City, during a stop in Columbia, Missouri for a photo shoot with said turkey and Mizzou football stadium, Mr. Turkey met with an accident.


Oh, no! Can’t show up like this!


All fixed, post Thanksgiving dinner. He quite enjoyed the dinner except for the dead turkey. The rolls were his favorite.


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