If you’ve been reading this for awhile, there is evidence that I am going to become a grandma in April! I’m incredibly excited, and in 4 days we all are going to find out if it’s a boy or a girl.

I’m pretty sure I won’t be consulted on the name for said babe (though I did an excellent job naming my own 2 children), but I get to pick what the babe will call me. This is a lot of pressure. Nanaw and Memaw are out because these names have already been taken.

So, I took to the internet, and found some incredible names that I do NOT want to be called. Big Mama. No.

Here are my top 7 choices as of tonight. This list is a work in progress.

Mimi. (Also the name of the mom-to-be’s baby blanket. I don’t think she’ll be confused.)




Lolly. (I had a friend in ballet class that was nicknamed Lolly. I wanted to be Lolly because she was so fun, and lived in a cool house.)


Jamma. (The closest to Grandma, for good measure.)

If you know me in real life, do any of these names sound like me? Any other good suggestions?



7 thoughts on “Grandmother?

  1. Congrats! If I ever have a kid, I’m probably going to be a huge jerk and not tell anyone the gender until it’s born. I like surprises!

    I was the oldest grandkid on my mom’s side, so I essentially chose what Grandma and Grandpa would be called, and the other kids copied me when they came along. Grandma was “Nanny” and Grandpa was “Gampa…” I think, actually I think I originally had a weirder name for him but I can’t remember it now. On my dad’s side the oldest grandparents were “Oma” and “Opa,” it’s Dutch I believe.


  2. So excited for you and I hope that we get to find out if its a girl or a boy too! AND yes I agree NO “big” anything. We called my Grandmothers “Mannie” and paternal was “Grandma” followed by surname. I think paternal Grandma was already named when the earlier cousins were born and it was decided to keep it consistent. My Great Grandparents were still alive until my preteen years and she was “Nannie” and he was “Pa Pa” but maybe pronounced more like pawpaw. Mannie was a widow but had remarried when her daughters were grown but before grandchildren. We called him PaPa Jack since PaPa was already taken and I guess to keep in line with his grown step daughters who called him “Jack”.

    My own Mom did not want to be Grandma she asked to be called Grandmother. Rich’s parents were MomMom and Pop Pop; that decided long before when first grandchildren were born. I have a friend who is called “Kit” by her beautiful grandchildren but that is derived from her first name. Have you considered any variations on your first name? “Elle” with a silent final “e” or Grandma Elle or “Ellie”? I know you will come up with a good choice and I hope the “Grandpop to be” is thinking about names and that go well with some of your choices!


  3. My own dear grandmother was my Granna. A long time ago, but it fit her perfectly. I’m sure you will find the right name when the time comes!


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