Whatever Comes to Mind

Some random thoughts about random things…

  1. Packing when traveling by car is great… just throw everything in.
  2. I love when our whole family is together for any reason.
  3. Especially when the family is me, husband, daughter, son-in-law, son.
  4. Backroads travel may not be as fast, but it’s way more interesting.
  5. University of Georgia beats Georgia Tech today for the best ending to a great Thanksgiving trip.
  6. I bought an apple pie at the grocery when we got home… didn’t get enough pie Thursday. 🙂
  7. Pie is appropriate whether its a holiday or not.
  8. As is cake.
  9. And is of course appropriate for breakfast.
  10. Ready to start knitting for the new baby girl on the way.
  11. Looking forward to some CyberMonday shopping.
  12. So many times, the news about college football players is negative. Read this about UGA’s Malcolm Mitchell that is all positive and not about football. Hint: it’s about reading and writing.
  13. Only 2 more posts and November is over.
  14. It’s time for pie.


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