The Christmas List

Things that happen before December 25.

  1. Clean the house. Forget spring cleaning. Around here, cleaning before decorating/company comes is a must.
  2. Get the tree. I tried last year, but the family is just not quite ready for no tree.
  3. Put the lights on the tree with my signature up and down method (as opposed to round and round).
  4. Put the big container of ornaments near the tree, encouraging others to help decorate.
  5. Decorate the tree.
  6. Think about Christmas cards. Especially as cards begin to arrive.
  7. Curse the cards that arrive.
  8. Decide to send Happy New Year cards so our cards will really stand out.
  9. Email my sister for gift ideas.
  10. Start the online shopping.
  11. Plan the menu. We are a non-turkey Christmas dinner family.
  12. Make the homemade gifts.
  13. Winnow down the list of who will get homemade gifts.
  14. Remember that mom said no nuts this year.
  15. Email my sister again for gift ideas.
  16. Begin to panic a little about gifts, but still refuse to buy gift cards.
  17. Buy a few gift cards.
  18. Get the bedrooms ready for guests. Mother-in-law coming this year.
  19. Clear off the stacks of papers/unfiled bills, etc. on my desk in the room where my mother-in-law will be sleeping.
  20. Preferably put this paper detritus in the proper place, and not just in another random stack in another random room.
  21. Pray #20 happens.
  22. The porch/brick/floor in the basement task? What? It will not be done unless Santa loans me a few elves.
  23. Email my sister one more time. (ok, truth… there is usually some back and forth going on here… she’s gotten way better.) šŸ™‚
  24. Is it too late for more online shopping?
  25. Christmas arrives, ready or not.



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