On Lists, Challenges, Books and Movies


The secret is out. I love lists. It wasn’t really a secret so much as just a quirk of mine. The passion isn’t for to-do lists, though I will write one now and again if I want to stay focused or I have a bunch to do, and I don’t want to forget anything.

Last year, in late December, I discovered the website listchallenges.com. Basically, people submit lists, and other people who are drawn to time-wasting things like seeing how many things they have read, seen, done, or visited click on each thing they have read, seen, done or visited to earn a score, stars and a ranking. These lists aren’t challenges so much as to make you feel like you have just done more of something than most people. If you end up with a low score, feel free to declare the list “stupid”.

For example, on the Best Picture Academy Award Winners, I am #4 out of the 417 people that have taken this “challenge”. In the top 4%! I only have 12 to go (or 13 if I haven’t seen the 2015 winner–awarded this year). It’s time to finish this one on up. (I mentioned this is a previous post.)

Just to add to my trivial activities, I’ve chosen a book list to complete as well. I chose one that I had already read 64% of the books on the list (32 out of 50). There’s a chance that I’ve read more, but I can’t remember which Jane Austen books I’ve read. This list is called Top 50 Books That Everyone Should Read At Least Once from the Goodreads website.

I am fully aware that these kinds of lists are subjective, but I’m ok with that. And bonus from this list: 7 of the 18 I have left to read are children’s or young adult’s books. One quibble: The Chronicles of Narnia is on the list as 1 book when it is, in fact, a series of 7 books. And the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe made the list separately as well. Go figure.

As I complete a movie or book, I’ll do a quick review and put in my 2 cents on whether it should be on that list or not.




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