Another Book Challenge?

I am such a sucker for any kind of list challenge, but I have just come across one (found wasting time broadening my horizons on Pinterest) that nicely overlaps with any other book challenges I may inflict on myself (and you lucky blog readers). And it’s a game! Well, I suppose you could classify any challenge as a game, but this one is gamier than others. Gamier?

BINGO! The 2016 Bookish Bingo Challenge that is the brainchild of Maddie of The Girly Geek Blog fame.

Basically, you read books, and if they fit into one of the categories listed on a square, you have “completed” that square. One book is allowed to apply to only 2 squares.

2016 bb challenge
2016 Bookish Bingo Challenge

How have I done so far? 1984 ticks off 2  boxes: “Read a book with a number in its title”, and “Read a book you’ve owned for over a year”. The Secret Garden applies to “Read a book that features an unlikely friendship” — that would be Mary, Colin and Dickon becoming friends because it seemed unlikely that Mary and Colin would be friends as unpleasant as they both are and it also seems unlikely that Dickon would ever become friends with either Mary and Colin, never mind both of them!

Since I’m late to this party, Mystery Mission #1 has been revealed: Read a book featuring your dream career.

That’s it for now… have a great weekend!







4 thoughts on “Another Book Challenge?

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  2. Interesting challenge – I could easily get sucked in just from your blog. If you need a book for the square “read a book that a friend loved” try All the Light I cannot See by Anthony Doerr. Its also a best seller and could fit a few other categories.


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