Best Picture Commentary: Spotlight

Spotlight_(film)_posterStill in theaters, Roland and I saw Spotlight recently. This Best Picture winner for 2015 was one in a field of 8, of which we had only seen one other, The Big Short. For whatever reason, none of the nominees particularly intrigued us on first look, but since Spotlight won, we decided to give it a go (plus it was now on my challenge list).

Go see it! Or rent it or whatever! It could be described as a psychological thriller with a documentary-style slant.

First of all, the subject matter was horrifying… children molested by Catholic priests. But the story was ostensibly about Spotlight, an in-depth investigative department of the Boston Globe newspaper, and the power of the media.

If watching a bunch of journalists work on a news story sounds kind of boring, you’ll have to rethink that position after watching this movie. The scandal itself was compelling, but the acting, direction, film editing, and screenplay are outstanding. It garnered over 100 industry and critics awards and nominations.

I had not expected to enjoy this movie as much as I did, but it is an excellent presentation of an historically significant event that everyone, of any religious persuasion, should know about.

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