Painting Lessons on Craftsy


Still no creative writing happening, but I am working on my painting. About that. My painting skills are mostly self taught. One avenue of learning is always now the internet and youtube, but have you heard of I have taken several of the painting courses, and the best, by far, has been Acrylic Color Mixing Made Easy.


Up until this course, my ability to get just the color I wanted was hit and miss. And I could never successfully duplicate a color if I didn’t want to finish a painting all in one day. Carol McIntyre teaches this course, and I learned so much about the primaries, secondaries, color bias, etc, and made charts that will be useful going forward.


If you love to craft, there are all kinds of online classes that will let you get your creative on, and you can watch the videos over and over. What a deal!

And if you happen to paint, I would highly recommend this class. The pictures are projects painted for the class.

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