The Biscuit Bulletin: Buttermilk Kitchen

It’s no secret that I love biscuits, the soft, southern kind that are perfect conduits for butter and homemade preserves. Some people prefer a more savory version with gravy, but not me.

[Disclaimer: I am NOT paid for any products or by any restaurants that are mentioned.]

I’m not particular about how these biscuits are made, i.e., out of a can (hooray for Grands, especially the frozen ones you can bake one at a time), from a mix (Bisquick, the name says it all), homemade or from a restaurant. Just please leave out the extra stuff. I do not want chives, onions, etc in my biscuits, just as I do not want pieces of corn in my cornbread. Cheese is acceptable, sometimes.

IMG_20160803_123302093 (2016-08-13T18_42_37.924)This introduction brings me to my real purpose, writing a review of the biscuit I recently ate at the Buttermilk Kitchen.

They have a picture of the biscuits on their homepage, so you know that they’re serious about biscuits. This is a breakfast and lunch restaurant only, with a fancy fried chicken dinner available once a month.

I had my biscuit as the bread choice with my 2 over-medium eggs and fresh berries. Breakfast is available all day until they close at 2 p.m. (3 p.m. on the weekends). It came with house jam. On a side note, Roland had bacon and you can specify floppy or crispy. Love that!

Yum. A drop biscuit (as opposed to rolled out and cut with a biscuit cutter) soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Huge. I began to tire of the crunchiness and toward the end, I picked it off and just ate the inside. Buttery on the outside.

The house jam was delicious, but not enough considering the size of the biscuit and butter was not automatically on the plate. I didn’t ask for any this time, but I have on previous visits. Trying to watch my calories, haha!

My review scale is simple: yes, no or maybe. So…

Would I recommend the biscuits from Buttermilk Kitchen? YES

Would I order them again? YES

If you ever find yourself in North Atlanta on Roswell Road, drop in and try one!




One thought on “The Biscuit Bulletin: Buttermilk Kitchen

  1. I will have to remember this next time I am in Georgia! My mouth is watering just reading your review and if I had a can of “grands” they would be going into the oven right now!


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