No Escaping

You can find part one of this story here.

The golden Cadillac Sedan de Ville gleamed under the hot Mexican sun. With Kitty at the helm, other drivers slowed to stare and pedestrians stopped to gawk. Gramps and Kitty had driven their brand new 1972 model to Matamoras, Mexico on its inaugural road trip from their home in Texas. Cousins Jenny and Maggie knew to appropriately ooh and ahh at the splendid car when Gramps and Kitty picked them up at the bus station the day before.

Nobody oohed and ahhed now. The girls leaned against each other in the backseat, waiting for the lecture from their grandmother. Emboldened by their first margarita earlier in the day, they had run away from the cantina after overhearing Gramps speak about some nefarious undertaking,. Getting lost in the open market was easy, but it did not take Kitty long to spot them trudging along the street toward what they thought was the border crossing.

Although well-known for scaring the bejesus out of her grandchildren with her tirades, Kitty had not said a word on the drive to the hotel. Situated near the central plaza, the old hotel felt as grand as the new Caddy. An elaborate fountain with colorful tiles and a fish spouting water centered the courtyard that led to an imposing staircase. Hand-carved wooden doors opened off the inner balcony into plush two-bedroom suites.

Kitty pointed to the velvet sofa in the main room, and the girls sat.

“Your grandfather and I,” she began, taking a deep breath. “ We have business here in Mexico that you two were not supposed to see. But since you did, or you think you did, I’m going to tell you girls what is going on. You may not ask any questions, and you will not tell anyone. When I’m finished, I am going back out, but the two of you must not leave this suite. Do you understand?”

Jenny, the talkative one, opened her mouth to respond, but before she could, Maggie smacked her on the leg, and said, “Yes, Kitty. We understand”

And so their grandmother explained that she and Gramps smuggled prescription drugs into Texas for their friends. In Mexico, medications like valium were sold over the counter, so that part wasn’t illegal, and no one suspected a wealthy elderly couple in a Cadillac to be bringing anything over the border besides turquoise and tequila. Everything was going fine until one of their friends decided to horn in on the business. That was when Gramps had hired Diego to help insure his farmacia contacts would remain loyal.  When she finished, Kitty instructed Jenny and Maggie to go into their bedroom and stay there until further notice. Diego, the bartender from the cantina, would be there to guard them .

Jenny and Maggie shut the door to their bedroom and both began talking at once. When they settled down, each burst into tears and then fell asleep as it was just too much for them to handle.

They awoke rested and with an understanding that 12 year olds need help when dealing with criminals, even if the criminals are their grandparents. They needed Diego on their side.

11 thoughts on “No Escaping

  1. Catching up on part 2 before I read part 3 – I love the idea of the drug-smuggling grandparents! This section was a little heavy on the exposition, though – it’s such a big reveal, and it doesn’t tell us much of what our naive, 12 year old protagonists are thinking about this crazy news. Part of what I liked so much about the first story was how their innocence put a lighthearted perspective on (what might be) violent, Breaking-Bad type stuff. Some of that returned when the girls decide that their enforcer bartender can solve their problems, though! I am excited for part 3!


  2. I’m so glad you carried on with part 2 of the cousins! I loved the first one and the first half of this. I think all the telling of what the grandparents were doing didn’t meet the pacing of the remainder of the story. Still, though, I can’t wait to see part 3 and find out what the cousins are up to. 😃


  3. I liked your description of the hotel and the quick round-up of the first story was helpful for me since I think your first entry in this series was while I was on vacation. I think maybe you’re trying to get too much info into the word count because most of this story is exposition. Maybe slow down a little and linger in some moments to show us what Maggie and Jenny are feeling and seeing?


    1. That said. I think this is a really good idea for a story and that you should flesh it out. You don’t see many stories about the over-60 crowd, unfortunately, let alone older drug runners.


    2. Thanks! Your thoughts mean a lot to me. I’m such a neophyte when it comes to fiction. I think I need to write the story first and then worry about the word count which seems to be what I’m doing with this story.


  4. I knew Gramps and Kitty were upto something, but I didn’t expect prescription drugs! This is getting more and more intriguing. Is there going to be a part tres? 🙂

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