Fiction (I’m Reading) Friday

Switching gears here from fiction I’m writing  dabbling with to fiction that I’ve been reading. For the record, I’ve given up on the Bingo reading challenge. How many lists can one merge together and make work? Focus!

List Challenge Page Update

Of the 18 books on my list, I have 6 that are still not crossed off. As a challenger of one, I can make up my own rules, right? So I’m crossing off the Holy Bible since I had already decided that I wasn’t going to read it cover to cover. I’m also crossing off the Chronicles of Narnia because I have read at least 2 or 3 books in the series.

That leaves 4: Crime and Punishment, which I am currently reading, Fahrenheit 451, The Book Thief and Where the Sidewalk Ends. Woohoo.

Great Kindle Deals

Damn that Amazon! I’ve started following a new blog, Modern Mrs. Darcy, and if you sign up for email notifications, she emails you Great Kindle Deals from Amazon. Of course, you can look these up yourself on, but she curates the list so you just have a few to think about purchasing. I have, ahem, purchased a few, several still unread. My top price for these is $1.99 so what’s to lose? Two that I recently read were Still Alice by Lisa Genova and the debut novel of Sara J. Henry, Learning to Swim: A Novel.

The mother in her believed that the love she had for her daughter was safe from the mayhem of her mind, because it lived in her heart.

~Lisa Genova, Still Alice

Still Alice. Wow. What can I say? If you are in your mid-50s like I am, the thought of early onset Alzheimer’s makes this book more of a horror story. The book is well written and does not put a pretty spin on what must be a devastating illness for everyone involved. It was made into a movie that came out last year starring Julianne Moore which I did not see.

Learning to Swim: A Novel is an enjoyable easy read of the mystery genre. I would classify it as a beach read: won’t be great literature, but fun. Suspenseful enough to keep you interested.

Banned Books Week

Banned Books Week is the last week in September (9/25 to 10/1) and I’ve decided to make a month of it. There’s nothing my inner rebellious teenage self doesn’t like to do more than read a book someone has said should be banned for some reason or other. In September, I plan to read books from the Top Ten Most Challenged in 2015, and maybe a classic or 2 that has been banned at some point (even if it means putting Crime and Punishment down for a little while).

Happy Reading!


One thought on “Fiction (I’m Reading) Friday

  1. I looked at the Banned book list and it was interesting. I would be tempted to pick The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, by Mark Haddon because I know it has been made into a successful play which is just starting a national tour next month (Tony award best play 2015). No dates have been announced for it to come to Atlanta but the second stop in the tour will be here in DC at the JFK Center for hte Performing Arts October 5 to 23. SO if you could read it for banned books month in September then you would have a good excuse to come to DC to see the play (and other people you love) in October. Fun Home, by Alison Bechdel was made into a musical which was also huge award winner – 5 Tonys including best musical in 2015. Its a graphic novel which Donald read for a college class but when I heard about the musical it had already been sold back for next semester’s books. I’m reading the third book in the 4 book Neopolitan novel series by Elena Ferrante which would be great it I were doing the bingo challenge but its really b/c we read the first book for our book club in June and it was such a cliffhanger I kept reading the series while the group took a summer break – so I feel like I’ve been not only visitng Italy but also traveling through time. Keep up the fun writing (and reading) Julie


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