Biscuit Bulletin: Slopes BBQ

This past week I have had jury duty, and I needed to write about something light and not too mentally draining. Biscuits certainly fit the bill. I am on a jury on a serious case, but we aren’t done yet, so I can’t say anything about it yet.

IMG_20160829_180129306Back to the biscuits. One of our go-to barbecue joints is Slopes BBQ in Sandy Springs. This is a north metro Atlanta place, and there are 3 more locations: Roswell, Alpharetta and Cumming. Typically, I think of biscuits as breakfast or brunch food, but is there ever really a bad time to eat a biscuit?

Slopes is a lunch and dinner establishment. On occasion you will place your order at the counter, turn to the right to fill your cup and you will see a little table with a serving dish of biscuits under a warming light. For free! I generally like my biscuits plain, but these have grated cheddar cheese swirled throughout.

That is enough. The cheddar cheese imparts a taste that is both cheesy and buttery. The rest of the biscuit is soft and fluffy inside with a slight crunch through the golden outside. A perfect amuse-bouche to enjoy while waiting for your mouth watering bbq.

Grab a napkin and a biscuit on your way to your table. Don’t be greedy!

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