Biscuit Bulletin: Morningside Kitchen

Roland and I had brunch yesterday at Morningside Kitchen and of course I had to have a biscuit.

morningsidekitchenThe only evidence on the menu that biscuits were available was the Spicy Chicken Biscuit which I didn’t want. I ordered the Morningside Omelette which came with grits or hashbrowns, and when asked my choice, I boldly asked if I could have a biscuit instead (with butter).

The omelette arrived with the biscuit but no butter. Omelette, delicious! The biscuit had been sliced in half, and then toasted (?) grilled (?) slightly on the inside. I prefer them unsliced, but light toasting is acceptable.

But no butter! That meant by the time our waiter checked on us and our food,  I was halfway through my omelette. No matter, butter and jelly did eventually arrived and I had my biscuit for brunch dessert.

The biscuits do not seem to be meant as a specialty but more of the thing that makes a spicy fried chicken breast more brunch-y. With sausage gravy of course. I find that people are less picky about their biscuits when covered with gravy, but those people can be really picky about their sausage gravy. And you would need to toast the inside of the biscuit so the gravy doesn’t make it super soggy. Love biscuits, not really a biscuit and gravy fan, so that is inconsequential to me.

Bottom line: Now that I’ve had the MK biscuit, I’ll give it a pass, acknowledging that it is on the better side of average. I’ll give it a B+. Browned correctly, fluffy on the inside, not too big.

Just don’t miss Morningside Kitchen for brunch or dinner. We sat on the patio with some delightful company, and the inside dining room is one of our favorites dating back from when it was Rosebud. Stop by if you’re ever in the Virginia Highland area of Atlanta.


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