So Novel

It’s November 1. Time to start writing the novel along with all the other Nanowrimo folks. I’m all set. You can see my word counter over there on the right. It’s set on zero at the moment, but give me a day or two. Besides, I’m writing this post on Monday afternoon, and schedule its publishing so I can concentrate my energies on the other thing.

According to advice I:

  • am banishing my inner critic/editor
  • will try to get ahead of my word count in week 1 (I’ll be out of town for part of week 2 so this may be particularly important)
  • will not worry if I have the perfect first sentence (but I do)

I’ll try to post here now and then, maybe with some sentences or paragraphs of the story. Or maybe not depending on how my inner editor is feeling about sharing.

My working title? Sure, I’ll share that… The Grace Gallery

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