God’s Destruction … or Man’s?


Oh, God, You give us unconditional love and grace, and still you rain down fire, wind and rain from above, you shake the very earth beneath our feet. Why? Why? We construct our cities and towns on your beautiful land, in the mountains, by the oceans, on the plains. We construct our lives to do your work, to do the best we can for you, for those we love, and for those we have never met. Is this a test? Have we done this to ourselves, not being good stewards of the earth that you made for us?

Whether destruction by natural disasters or those wrought by the hand of man, the innocent will suffer, the innocent do suffer. When we have escaped the suffering, let us reach out to those who have not, who have lost everything. May those who have made the ultimate sacrifice rest now in peace.

Today’s post is inspired by the WordPress Daily Post Prompt Construct

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