Wrapping Up the Lists — Book Edition

Earlier this year I challenged myself to read all the books that I had not already read on the Goodreads List of 50 Books That Everyone Should Read at Least Once. I am happy to report that I accomplished the goal, and I’m wrapping this challenge up, ready to head on to the next one. The most succinct way I can think to do this is in Superlative fashion drawing from all 50 books on the list. Books with an * were from the list of 18 I read this year.


*The Book Thief, *Fahrenheit 451, *The Picture of Dorian Gray, Night, The Alchemist, The Help, The Great Gatsby, The Hunger Games

Least Favorites:

*Brave New World, *The Giving Tree, *The Secret Garden

Most Disturbing:

*1984, *Lord of the Flies, Gone with the Wind (by today’s standards)

Couldn’t Get Through:

*Crime and Punishment

Full disclosure in that many of the 32 on the list previously read were read in another lifetime, aka as high school or college, so many years ago that to truly give an opinion of them I would have to read them again. Alas, there are so many books in the world that I have no desire to re-read any of those right now. Maybe someday.

My 2017 reading challenge will involve books of my own choosing. More on this later.

Happy Holidays!

2 thoughts on “Wrapping Up the Lists — Book Edition

  1. I love lists like this… it always amazes me what I haven’t read that I feel like I should have read in high school or college. It also reminds me that old white dudes get read more than anyone else.


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