It’s Not 2016’s Fault

Trending on twitter today: #2016In4Words. After perusing more than a few tweets, the sentiment is that you either hated everything about 2016 or you loved it. There doesn’t seem to be much middle ground, and for many of those I follow on twitter and am friends with on Facebook, “Worst Year Ever” seems to be the consensus.

Sure, there was a lot not to like about 2016, especially if you are not a Trump fan, and I count myself in that group, but I am not about to let one man ruin my entire year. (If you feel like Trump’s win makes it the Best Year Ever, the jury is still way, way out on that one, so you can stop gloating now. It’s not a good look.)

Sure, a lot of famous people died this year, some expected and some not. Prince, George Michael, Carrie Fisher, y’all are in the latter group, and we are truly sad. Beyond sad. But people die. If you google “celebrity deaths 2016” the world lost many sports figures, entertainers, politicians and more, and each of them will be missed somewhere by someone or even lots of someones.

If you are Syrian or refugee from anywhere, then yep, probably worst year ever. The same for those who were victims of violence. Put down the weapons, people!

I understand bad years. I had one of my very own worst years ever a couple of years ago.

Shit happens.

I’m not denying that bad things happened this year, but I do take issue with those who have so much and still put on their fanciest Chicken Little costume and proclaimed that the sky is not only falling, but it has fallen, lying shattered on the ground. Get a hold of yourself. You are going to be okay.

God forbid, but y’all could all be saying the same thing about 2017 in 12 months time.

Look, I’m not Pollyanna wearing rose-colored glasses. I’m just not going to jump on the 2016 Misery Bandwagon. I want to choose happiness when I can, choose kindness and love over hate always and pray that the world will choose peace. I know that last one is a tall order, but someone has to pray for peace on earth; someone has to champion peace on earth.

You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.

~Maya Angelou

3 thoughts on “It’s Not 2016’s Fault

  1. I also enjoyed your positive attitude and the use of such an inspirational quote by a very amazing woman certainly helped with your piece too. Thanks for sharing.


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