2017 Book Challenge

Happy New Year!!

Wanted to get that out of the way. 2016 is now good and gone, and I’ve eaten my black eyed peas for good luck, so I’m ready for whatever 2017 wants to throw at me. By the way, my family never ate the greens so I don’t either though I did buy some collard greens. Kyle said he wanted some but then he didn’t come home for dinner so they are still hanging out in the veggie drawer. Maybe tonight?

booksOn to the book challenge. This year, I am choosing the 2017 Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge, a choose-your-own bookish adventure. The modern Mrs. Darcy is a real woman named Anne, and I chose her challenge because I follow her blog, her challenge seemed to fit with my reading goals and I didn’t feel like researching other reading challenges though there are plenty to be had.

This challenge has two paths and readers can choose to do one or both, or, as Roland likes to say, we all have free will and can mix and match and read whatever we damn well please. Yep, that’s him. I’m going to try the deluxe challenge and do both paths and we’ll see how it goes.

The two paths? 1) A stretch yourself in 2017 Reading for Growth path and 2) a put the oomph back in your reading life Reading for Fun path.

There are 12 categories on each path, and you can click on the Challenge link above or wait until I reveal them one by one, but here’s a taste. The Growth path encourages choices of a book in translation, a book of any genre that addresses current event or a more than 600 page book. The fun path includes books like something you chose for the cover, a juicy memoir and a book set somewhere you’ve never been.

I’ve scribbled a few books down in some of the categories, but they are totally subject to change. It will depend on what’s laying around the house and what is available at the library because I would like to not buy any new books if at all possible (unless they’re a great deal for my kindle because then all bets are off).

I’m starting with a Pulitzer Prize winner (in the growth category): Gilead by Marilynne Robinson, the 2005 winner.



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