Summer Fling


Through ocean’s waves fast we did run.

A sand castle built then we sighed,

Away it washed with the tide.

It wasn’t love but it was fun.


Another stab at poetry, this time a memoriam stanza.


6 thoughts on “Summer Fling

  1. I like your metaphor between the eroding of the sand castle and the eroding of the fling. I think you’re missing a syllable in the third line, unless you’re counting “washed” as two syllables (which is very Shakespearean of you).


    1. Ahhh, you are right. I am being Shakespearean. But really, I had it in present tense at one point so it was “washes”. I try not to linger too long (i.e., really proofread) before posting poetry because otherwise I would chicken out.


      1. I hear that. I’ve never known a writer who wasn’t insecure about their talent. Maybe it would boost your confidence to read a poetry anthology (book, magazine, or web site), find a voice or voices you like and try to emulate then.


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